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We have a strong team of Avalanche Technicians throughout Western Canada.


We specialize in offering a wide variety of avalanche services to meet your needs. 


We have been committed to avalanche safety since 2010.

Avalanche Skills Training Level 1

Foundational Avalanche Education

-Learn the fundamentals or sharpen up your skills in terrain recognition and the most up to date equipment and rescue procedures

Avalanche Skills Training Level 2

Progress your awareness while riding avalanche terrain over 3.5 days. Apply your skill set in Trip Planning, real time terrain selection and Ride your sled

Companion Rescue Course

This 1 day avalanche course covers the basics in what to look out for while riding in avalanche terrain. The course will equip you with the skills necessary to find a person buried in an avalanche in a variety of contexts.

Mountain Information Network

Summit Avalanche Consulting is proud to provide avalanche and snowpack information for 8 separate snowmobile areas in the North Rockies Forecast region

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